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October 8, 2021

Ovi and Wayne

Marriage Retreat

The weekend of October 1-3. Wayne and I attended a wonderful "Celebration of Marriage Retreat at Mary's House in Cape May. Located after the very last exit of Garden State Parkway, at the very tip of the Cape May Point is a beautiful Victorian Retreat House. There were 12 couples in a retreat plus three couples who were our retreat directors. Lets not forget wonderful kitchen staff. Everything and everyone worked together for the nourishment of our souls - Our Lord, prayer service everyday, gatherings at the chapel, sounds of the ocean waves against the shore at night, Monarch butterflies resting on their way to Mexico, meaningful breakout-out discussion groups, forgiveness letters, washing of the feet in the candlelight, marriage stories. Every time we would return back to the chapel couples seemed to be leaning closer and closer into each other - as everyday dust from our hearts was being washed away, chains of unforgiveness broken, and sea breeze was sending whispers from heaven - it all came together beautifully. Now to treasure that feeling of togetherness and remember that Wayne and I love each other at least for a split second everyday in our routine of everyday lives.

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