Mask Display
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Covid-related Information

as of Nov 2nd, 2021

Due to the lingering effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Marianist Family Retreat Center requires that masks be worn while inside (unless in your own room) by both vaccinated and unvaccinated persons.


Generally, we will only assign one person to a room, unless 2 vaccinated people agree to share a room (e.g. 2 friends who share a car ride to the retreat, 2 teen cousins, fully vaccinated volunteer staff, etc.).


During our Masses, we will not be exchanging any physical ‘sign of peace’ (handshake, hugs, etc.) unless the two people sharing are from the same household.


In the Dining Room, we are limiting occupancy at each table to no more than 5 persons.


We ask that you use hand-sanitizer/wash your hands frequently throughout the course of your time here.  Sanitizer and anti-microbial soap are available for use by all at the Center.